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diane mae

Diane Mae provides excellent personnel for notable events. A boutique agency representing the best in event hosting. 

For over 15 years we have supplied trophy presenters, supervisors and host teams tailored for each specific event internationally. 

Diane: "I strive to ensure my business is an expression of the values I hold personally in the world. As a team, we are supportive, empowered, flexible, authentic, calm and have great integrity.


My modelling career began when I was 14 years old. I gained experience of the highs and lows of the fashion industry and had the privilege of working with some extraordinary people. I learned a great deal about myself along the way and over time, began to understand that there was a much deeper, more fulfilling way to work in the industry. 


Now I’m in the position of booking models for the Diane Mae Agency and ensuring our clients receive an excellent service that encompasses key qualities that are often neglected or thought to be impossible to bring to this kind of work. 

I’m interested in much more than how beautiful my teams are because I understand that the inner qualities we bring to the work are equally as important. It is vital that the members of my team are acknowledging themselves authentically in an environment in which they have long been undervalued. 

The women and men working with the Diane Mae Agency are empowered, open, authentic and able to be fully present so they can anticipate possible problems and respond proactively. This enables us to provide a clear, supportive role to our clients while meeting the level of excellence their brand or event stands for. 


Crucially, I understand that allowing my business to embody my values impacts the event guests as well as the clients. Our visual look accompanied by our richness of interaction, emotional intelligence and personal integrity quietly enhances the space and contributes to the positive experience for everyone involved. 


I enjoy working with my teams immensely and look forward to connecting and interacting with our future clients."




Diane Mae Model Management


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